Very Simple Web Sites

…realizes not everyone who needs a professional website, has a professional sized budget.  We started our company to bring high quality, affordable, simple web design to people who need their site to look great, but fit within a reasonable budget. 

As with most businesses, VSWS started out of necessity, we owned businesses and knew others who needed simple, cost effective, informative websites to allow customers to search, find, and learn about our services with their smartphones, GPS’s, I-Pads and computers. We knew the importance of having an online presence, but were just starting out, and didn’t have thousands of dollars to invest on getting a website up and running.  We needed simple, care-free, one page websites that spelled out the “Who, What, Where and When’s” of our businesses... and so it began. 

To keep it simple and economical, we don’t have a long menu full of overpriced services, add-ons, hidden costs and extras. Ours is a simple complete package:

We provide:

  1. A domain name – (ie. “”)
  2. A 1-3 page informative website – (inclusive of design, background photos, text, menu and basic SEO)
  3. A year of hosting – (your website is available 365/24/7)



“With smartphones encompassing over 70% of new phone sales, and a computer in every home, phone book, news paper, and billboard advertising are nearly obsolete.  A website is now a necessity to promote your business.”

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